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bandiera-ingleseExtra virgin olive oil from the slopes of etna our own production. Castro’s farm produces award winning extra virgin olive oil. Since 2004 the farm has acquired small pieces of farm land, turning them into olive groves by planting “nocellara dell’etna”. A young farm with a very ambitious production progamme aiming at the future while maintaining its traditions. Our olive production is in the mount etna d.o.p zone, in the volcanic soil of Biancavilla and Santa Maria di Licodia (at a height of 555 meters above sea level). This is where our prize winning olives are coltivated without using any chimical products. The olives ripen in the sicilian sun and in the warm volcanic soil, and then are picked by hand using the “Brucatura” method, between the end of october and all month of november . This process allows our oil to enhance its organoleptic properties. The olives are taken to the press in ventilated crates where they are treated within 24 hours of their being picked. The oil is extracted using the cold press method, called “Molinatura”, and then it is stored in stainless steel containers where it is left to decant naturally. Olive oil has an important role in gastronomy and is used both as a condiment and for cooking. It adds flavour to every dish exalting the other ingredients and ensuring digestibility and lightness. Unlike other the extra virgin olive oils, our oils resists higher temperatures, as in fried food, without altering its healthy properties.

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  • Because it is very good and healthy;
  • Because its origin is garanteed;
  • Because it is good quality at a good price;
  • Because using our olive oil everyday helps you to keep fit;